Monday, 22 September 2014

Social networking adds to a person’s education

The world is a global village and it’s something that we can’t stress enough no matter how hard we try. Technology is reshaping everything we touch, we use and we seek. Social networking has hit the world only a decade back yet the promising affection it created by its users is still very evident. For the entire curses it gets from parents whose children spend days and nights on social networks, the benefits of social networks are huge too. A lot of people are able to communicate with people they otherwise would not be able to; a lot of students are able to share with each other important insight about the homework and what not! Be it Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any other services, these days, most of the time and most of the money is spent on online websites that allow you to interact.
Teenagers, at the time that they should be inside their course books trying to find the exterior angle of the triangle drawn outside the circle, are busy uploading statuses on social networks, but not all poisons kill, there are certain aspects of a social network that a wide range of people benefit from. A large group of researchers has worked hard and proved that students and other people are actually benefiting from the excessive use of social networks; well most of them are. Researches and surveys claim that over 60 percent of the students use social networks to set up educational meet-ups, discuss homework answers, schedule meetings with teachers, ask questions from each other and stuff like that.
When you take all these things under consideration and forget the dark shadows that social networks cast on the lives of students, then you might start to see the bright side to it, which is definitely present. Having said that, there are many schools that have predominantly blocked social networking sites to keep the students “safe” and this is being paranoid at best. What they are doing is that they are depriving the students what could be called at this age a “basic necessity of a normal man”.

So, to summarize, I would say that social networking is an excellent source for anybody who believes in online education and considers the internet a vast ocean of knowledge which every individual of the world should be able to benefit from.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Introduction is the first paragraph in your writing. This is the paragraph when the reader decides whether he will keep on reading or not. Therefore stress is given on this part of writing the most. You are expected to write a very attractive introduction to make your readers engrossed in your writings. Similarly, conclusion is the last paragraph; this is the summary and outcome of your discussion in the content. Conclusion is the last chance for you to convince the reader that you are capable. Pay to do essay and get rid of your academic stress.

Writing a good introduction is not as hard as most of the people think. There are certain components of introduction. First you should write about the general phenomenon about your topic. Then you should explain what the topic is all about in a few sentences. Then write about some reasons and causes, if it’s that kind of a topic and finally add a concluding sentence that shows what will be discussed in the essay. Instead of being worried for your grades, hire bestcoursework writing services to help you achieve good grades.

In essay writing, students work really hard to collect relevant material. But they forget to conclude their essay in the end, which leaves the essay unfinished and gives an incomplete look and feel to it. Conclusion is not that hard either, all you need to do is tell the reader what your point is in all the discussion of the essay. End the essay with a very catchy line that will keep your readers thinking about your essay. Both these components will help you in your writing skills as well as your argumentative skills.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Student-centered learning: The magic of peer mentoring

Students at all the educational levels have to face several challenges during their academic life. Some of these challenges have to do with studies, while others are completely unrelated to them. The type of challenges being faced by a student also varies with the level of education they are at. But whatever the academic level or the type of difficulties faced by a student might be, a little help can go a long way in taking the student out of the troublesome situation. And peer mentoring is just one of the many ways that can be used for the students’ help. 

Peer mentoring is a process where mostly a senior student is paired with a younger student in a one-on-one relationship where the former provides guidance, advice and support to the latter. Peer mentoring is usually used for the students who are moving up from the primary school to the secondary school level, and are having difficulties adjusting in the new environment. But peer mentoring has been found to be equally effective when used at the high school, college and university levels. If you’re stuck with a too difficult routine and don’t have time to cope with your academics than get essay editing services to make sure you deliver only the best to your teachers.

Usually a peer mentor helps the mentee with his studies. Those students are chosen as peer mentors who not only have a good academic record but also possess good communication and interpersonal skills. The mentor helps the younger student adjust to the new educational environment, learn new concepts and time management skills, set goals for their academic performance and prepare for their exams. Sometimes, just being associated with a confident senior student might motivate the mentees to push themselves a little harder in order to perform better.

But it’s not only studies that such a relationship is helpful for. Students have to face a lot of other problems during their academic life. These include their inability to deal with peer pressure, their inability to make friends at a new place, loss of a family member, lack of a support system at home or just common problems related to growing up. The students who are facing any of these problems might feel themselves completely lost, but a little advice, guidance and kindness of a peer mentor might help them get over the difficult situation. Through mentoring, they become aware how to deal with peer pressure and get a supportive association that might be missing in their lives. Students at the graduate level can also use peer mentoring relationships to get help with their essay paper. Hence, peer mentoring can be very helpful for the students.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


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Monday, 6 January 2014


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                  Wednesday, 1 January 2014


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